Wilderness — A Meditation

Hand Me Downs: A Prairie Tale

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15 February 2015
Boston complains of too much snow
Temperatures around minus 23 F
Poor Babes
North Dakota average winter temperatures are minus 23 F
Snow loads in the border country are way beyond the six feet bludgeoning Boston

Dorothy Shamah has tales to tell of winter on the prairie. 
Five miles south of the Canadian border in the midst of flat lands with few wind breaks, 
people thrive, take risks, laugh, 
have snow mobile races better known as 'Fun Runs' 
as they race from bar to bar to bar over the frozen fields.

The adventure begins with winter driving conditions in the Bakken.
Intense love of one another, 
of community, of the children, of community, of church and god) 
frames these stories of winter wilderness. 
Check em out!

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