Wilderness — A Meditation

Monday, February 18, 2019

East Slope Sierra Nevada — Chapter 4 — "Sunrise Over Watarrka

One of ever so many waterfalls in the Eastern Sierra: 

 autumn foliage 

framing a never ending supply 

of snow melt

Just before dawn
White Fir frame canyon walls
Eastern Sierra Nevada

Our Sierra cabin
snuggling beneath a late autumn snowstorm

Massive Jeffrey Pine and White Fir
covered with the first snows of a Sierra autumn

Sarcodes sanguinea, The Snow Flower of the Sierra Nevada, sprouts in the midst of melting snow on the east slope.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Brisbane — Subtropical Capital of Queensland — Chapter 4 —"Sunrise Over Watarrka"

 The Trunk of a Morton Bay Fig - an apartment housefor birds of a feather and bats galore after sunset

A Queensland Colonial for which the
city is famous 

Sy's version of the
Queensland Colonial

The back veranda of Sy's Morton Bay Fig Tree forest home

The Brisbane River Wends Its Way Through the City

A City Cat (catarmaran or water taxi) provides transportaion to  the city from various stops along the River

 Downtown Brisbane seen from
City Beach on the Brisbane River

  • A City Cat on the River
  • with 
  • a view of  Downtown Brisbane

An aerial view of Brisbane built around the stretches of the River

Old City Hall and King George Square

The climbing wall across the River from City Hall

Bougainvillea Covered Walkways along the River

Monday, February 11, 2019

Binna Burra Lodge—Lamington National Park—Australia Chapter 10 "Sunrise Over Watarrka"

 The Cabins at Binna Burra Lodge 

 The dining room at Binna Burra Lodge with a King Parrot on the tree branch outside


sub tropical evergreen
forests of
Lamington National Park


 Paddymelon grazing on the grass at sunset

Coomera River and Coomera Falls

Sunday, February 10, 2019

California's Sierra Nevada — Chapter 14-15 — "Sunrise Over Watarrka"

 The flowers of the Sierra.

Red Pentstemon growing close to streams . 

Mule's ear found around the margins of Sierra Meadows

Lupine, not a native of the Sierra, an immigrant found along road sides and anywhere there is a frequent flow of water

   Labrador Tea blooming not too far from  trails cut deep by   through-hikers along the sides of meadows

Evolution Valley - On the west side of Desolation Valley reached via Piute Pass

Rae Lakes seen from Glenn Pass

  The west side of Kearsarge Pass

Thursday, February 07, 2019

Tasmania — Cradle Mountain — Chapter 18 "Watarrka Sunrise"

Tasmania, the little island state situated just below the continent/country of Australia 
has Australia's only native deciduous tree..
the Fagus

Here it is in full autumn color.

The other very special tree in this corner of the country is 

the King Billy Pine,

a beautiful evergreen that rises to the heavens

Dove Lake sits right below Cradle Mountain in rugged wilderness located almost in the center of the Island. A week's trek  on the Overland Track will take you to the southern beaches of this magnificent landora trek around the lake, about two and a half miles around will give you a good idea of the natural beauty of this southern hemisphere island

Heron Island - Chapter 25 - The Great Barrier Reef - "Sunrise Over Watarrka"

is an atoll one mile in circumference 

Heron Island 

A bird and turtle sanctuary. 

Once it was a turtle-soup factory harvesting the huge sea turtles as they came ashore to lay their eggs.  

No more! 

The behemoths are now protected.  

Mock Turtle soup is the dish of the day.

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Fraser Island - Sandy Psychology - "Sunrise Over Watarrka" - chapter 27

Car camping along the dirt tracks of Fraser Island

The corduroy roads created to save the sand-hills of
Fraser Island

Sometimes the sand tracks are wide; more often they are one lane like the corduroy covered tracks

N the middle of the Island lies Blue Lake (crystal clear) surrounded by Melaleuca Trees..

Dingoes — The Aussie wild dog roam the island
The Great Ocean road takes on new meaning when the beach itself is the highway

The Maheno, since before WW2 this wreck has been delighting visitors as it sinks into the sand of the east side of Fraser Island

Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Uluru - The Belly of the Beast of Oz "Sunrise Over Watarrka"

Yuluru and Uluru (Ayer's Rock) with the southern hemisphere rotating above on a starry summer's night..The centre of Australia.