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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Porus Leunig — My Favorite Australian Poet

Two In One Day — Unheard of, But Heidi Has Posted Again And I just Have to Share

What We Underestimate Most in Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

INFJs are often stereotyped as highly sensitive and deeply in tune with their emotional atmosphere. And while these traits aren’t absent from the INFJ’s psyche, they almost always come second to what the INFJ does best, which is perspective shifting and analytical reasoning. INFJs are intuitives first, which means their natural state is one of contemplation and analysis. Many people would doubtlessly be shocked to find out that these empathetic types can actually be quite cold and detached in their initial method of reasoning. They seek truth and understanding at all costs. And in order to arrive at the truths that will help them to make things better for others, they must first understand every perspective they can conceive of—even the cold, inhumane and detached ones.

If you would like to read what Heidi has to say about your type, you will find her 'opinions' here:

The End of Our Species?


Climate Change and the Human Mind: A Noted Psychiatrist Weighs In

The Trump administration, in rejecting climate change and global warming, is doing profound damage every day. And it has to do with canceling regulations and trying to silence scientists and prevent them from expressing and bringing truths to the public.

“The mind can contradict itself; it can believe one thing one day and something else another day.”

Lifton: It’s sometimes assumed that when one reaches the last stages of life, one shouldn’t have to care about the human future. One, after all, won’t be there. But it can be the reverse for many of us, and I think I’m hardly alone in this. If one considers oneself, as I do, part of the human flow, part of the Great Chain of Being, part of human connectedness, which extends from generation to generation, of course it includes one’s own children and grandchildren — and I have those. But it’s more than that. It’s continuing the human chain that one has been a part of. And in my case, that I sought to in some ways contribute to, in a modest fashion, all through my life in my work.

(to read the entire article head to the web address below)

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Russian Bots/Trolls Are Back

Yep, they're back.  There have been 105 Russian hits on this blog so far this week. 

If I post, they will come.

Not to read my posts, but to spring board off my web addy onto some unsuspecting Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinteresque page.  I hate the thought that I am being used in this way. 

However, I also know that there aren't 105 internet users in Russia who care enough about my point of view to actually stop in for a quick read.

When I was posting regularly, these 105 grew to well over 350 hits a week. That was back when the American election was in full flower and the Russians were working overtime to exert some influence. 

When I realized what was happening — that Russia really wasn't in the least bit interested in my posts, but that those same Russians were using my blog to hop-scotch onto other media without having their own web identity discovered, I simply stopped posting....and they went away. 

Seems the blog has to be actively engaged by me for them to successfully use the site for their own purposes.

What to do?  I seriously thought of discontinuing my blogging.  Actually, I did discontinue as those of you who come regularly know. 

However, this little window on the www is very important to me.  I have missed the sharing. 

Any ideas about how to handle this dilemma?  I'd love to hear from anyone who has an idea to share.

Thanks ever so much..

p.s. Below is the addy of a Mother Jones article on the subject that may be of some interest.

Need I Say More?

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Almost Like Praying — Donate to Puerto Rico

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

In a Country Gone Crazy, I Offer You an Article on Loving

The Most Lovable Thing About Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type

The careful thought they give each passing question. The whirring, reeling look inside their eye. The raw and childlike energy they exude when the people who they love are truly thriving. The way they let their weirdness out in bursts. The measured nature with which they plan the future. The hurried nature in which they share their thoughts. The way their eyes light up when they’re engaging with their passion. The even, tempered consideration they give to each new perspective that comes their way."

The measured, thoughtful nature of their speech. The wild, unstructured pattern of their thoughts. The way they break down every pre-determined concept. The way they question and cast doubt onto themselves. The curiosity that fuels their every action. The open-mindedness with which they approach people. The patience they apply to deep complexities. The biases they recognize within themselves.