Friday, July 03, 2015

Writing the Adventure Travel Novel

Below is the introductory note on my companion blog: 
Stop by to take a look if the topic is of interest.  You are most welcome. 

Welcome, indeed.  Today's post is the beginning of an experiment.  

A few nights ago my sleepy mentor arrived about 3 a.m. to suggest in a dream segment that I begin a sequel to Sierra Sunrise, the adventures of Demi Tryon who is engaged in a trans-pacific partnership that has nothing at all to do with the governments or corporations of North America and Australia.

The idea percolates today into a heavy brew of ideas concerning the creation of this sequel.  One of the issues raised when one is about to begin a new manuscript is how to keep oneself engaged long term.  My sleep mentor suggested a public exposure would keep me focused and on track.

And so, an experiment.

Starting today, I will post each step in this journey towards completion of Sunset Over Watarrka, the sequel, here on Dorothy Shamah.  This may or may not engage you as a reader.  I hope some of you find it intriguing to see how one author goes about creating characters, scenes, conflicts, resolutions, dialogue and climax.

I encourage you to share with other on-line friends who might be interested.  And for that reason, it  seems essential that I offer a description of the manuscript.  Romance is the primary genre, but not traditional romance.  Demi is into adventure-travel-romance.  With her partner, Sy Macintosh, Demi challenges herself in some of the outlier spots in wilderness, locations she loves almost as much as she loves her daunting partner.

When this project is completed, fellow travelers will have had the opportunity to read the entire manuscript in all its manifestations.  At least that is the intention at this time.

See you on the morrow as I begin the plot outline for this new endeavor.