Sunday, July 12, 2015

How An INFJ Climbs Out of a Rut

"What the rut looks like: An INFJ in a rut will revert to their extroverted sensing. They may lose their focus on the big picture and become obsessed with the insignificant details of whatever they’re working on. They will refrain from making important long-term decisions and may withdraw from loved ones – denying them the empathy and care that the INFJ is usually happy to provide. The INFJ may also give into unhealthy sensory indulgencies while stuck in a rut – they may eat or drink to excess and fail to take care of their long-term physical needs.

How to get out of it: To break out of a rut, the INFJ needs to reconnect with their introverted intuition. They need to regain confidence in their ability to make precise decisions for the future that will positively serve both themselves and their loved ones. The INFJ may need to speak with someone who knows them well in order to activate their extroverted feeling and reconnect with their overarching core values. Above all else, the INFJ needs to feel competent in their ability to make plans for the future that reflect and support these values.  "

* * *

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