Monday, July 27, 2015

Carl Jung - Happy Birthday

I appreciate Carl Jung.  I realize that his theories are somewhat dated today. That is to say, his ideas, formulated almost an hundred years ago, may be the underpinnings of what we understand about the human psyche today, but his thoughts resonate with my experience in life.  
I realize that reality is primarily a matter of experience and culture so far as modern psychology is concerned, but I love the idea that there may be a 'universal unconscious', that there is a unifying theory (element) setting us apart as homo sapiens.  
The very fact that early codifiers used 'sapiens' (Latin = wise) as part of the descriptor for us suggests that they, too, wished to suggest that our brains are the real codifier of information, the problem solver which formulates our understanding of what life is and how it operates.
Jung's theory that there are universal thought patterns, metaphors describing the human experience gives me hope that there can  some day exist a planetary human society devoid of the separations that culture creates for us—a wise unified culture.