Saturday, June 20, 2015

Note To Self

Being an American has once again become an embarrassment. If I lived in the USA, the recent events in Charleston would leave me feeling great sadness while at the same time looking for ways to 'act locally while feeling globally' in an attempt to help my community avoid the despair and the sense of dis-attachment that serial killers seem to experience.  I would be busy attempting to create a sense of inclusiveness in the community in which I live.

However, I live in Australia these days, a place where I feel included, heard, and involved with my fellow humans to the extent that I do not look over my shoulder to see if someone is about to point a gun in my direction.  This is not to suggest that Australia is doing 'so' much better than the USA generally, but it is to say that this 'sunburned country' is currently (even with a liberal government that mistreats refugees in the extreme) treating citizens and legal immigrants more politely, more considerately, more compassionately than the country of my native birth.  And so with considerable sadness and compassion for the families of Emmanuel Baptist Church, I want to echo the visual above: Let us be kind to one another; unload our weapons of massive destruction; reach out to welcome persons who seem different and be welcomed into the lives of those we believe to be different despite the on-going attempt by big munitions corporations to beguile us with fear and the need to protect ourselves with deadly weapons.