Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Tasmania's Only Deciduous Tree - The Fagus, a little beech tree

Mt. Field National Park is one of the highlights of Tasmania, the tiny island state just south of the Bass Straits separating mainland Australia from Tasmania.


The Fagus creates a stunning backdrop for what would otherwise be an evergreen forest even in the middle of autumn in Tasmania.  Located high on the volcanic slops of Mt. Fields just west of the Derwent Valley the precious leaves of the Fagus turn yellow, then gold, then shimmering orange before falling to the ground.  Beside the Fagus sign in the photo above sits a tiny version of the King Billy Pine, one of Tasmania's most beautiful trees when it reaches maturity.  

We were blessed with sunny weather yesterday as we drove the dirt road built originally in 1937 in order to create jobs for Tasmanian foresters out of work due to the Great Depression. Reaching Lake Fenton we discoverd the tiny perfect leaves of the Fagus celebrating the brisk cold air at altitude.

Background - King Billy Pine and Fagus
Middle - Pandami Palm
Middle - Snow Gum
Volcanic Boulder Field