Saturday, May 23, 2015


Gatsby does catch the drama, doesn't it?
Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient is rife with longing. 
Jane Eyre is a lifetime of longing. 
Every woman's travel story I have ever read 
is a tale of unrequited longing.  
For what do we hunt? 
Why do we trek? 
Why do we leave home? 
Why do we stay? 

Demi Tryon understands 
Demeter's longing for her lost child, Persephone. 
Poseidon yearns for a moment 
out of the deepest waters 
when he presents himself as a black stallion 
to the isolated Demeter's white mare. 

Deep Breath. 

I know it is 
that drives species on this planet.  

I also know
 community and companionship drive
 us out of isolation in order to stifle
for a small time 
our longings.

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