Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Note — In an America Gone Mad

Esmeralda Negaard and Jerry Seinfeld

I can't remember a time in my 74 years when anyone rich and famous would have admitted that s/he didn't read, that books are not a part of his/her life. But the Kardashian's hubby..the rapper guy..didn't he say that just the other day?  

Makes my heart sick. speaks to what education has become - an avoidance of the basic knowledge that we all need to matriculate the modern world.  No wonder the Kochs and folks as rich as they are think they can bully us into our demise by shitting in our own nests.  They don't want us to read, to be proactive; they want us to value things more than thoughtfulness. They want us to live in the moment..having taken the Buddhist beliefs to their extreme.. to forget that our children will inherit the disaster we are creating.  

Do books make a difference in how we see the world? You know that when one reads s/he takes a few moments of reflection, expands horizons, and lives with the past and future as part of the now.

Read, my friends! Oh, I know you don't need to be reminded.  People who don't read wouldn't be here in this space right now.  Be well, my friends.  I hope you are my friends..and if you disagree or agree with me, feel free to leave a 'commentary' below.