Sunday, April 19, 2015

To Speak the Words of Those Most Often Unheard

I hope you can read this Leunig cartoon.  
The size may be an issue.

A week ago today I was gifted with a ticket to hear Leunig speak for an hour or so in front of a very friendly audience of Brisbanites here in Queensland.  What a joy to be in the presence of humility from so talented a man.  

Perhaps what struck me most was his compassion coupled with his strong sense of self and purpose — to speak for those who most often have no voice.  I left the auditorium realizing it is not only good, but wise to speak for the underdog, but it is wiser still to give the underdog a chance to develop his/her own voice.  

Interesting that Sunday spiritual practice has come to this: 

A re-dedication to service on behalf of those most often unheard. 

From one with a very commanding voice, this is an admission that too often that voice has been used selfishly on behalf of myself rather than on behalf of those who most need to be given the opportunity to speak their truth. 

The modeling of the Australian family who has taken me in will remind me regularly of the value of such work.  

Thank you, Michael.  
Thank you Annie and Emily and Graham! 
Thank you Carita, Lorraine, and Di!