Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rumi — Golding — the Lord of the Flies — and Bioluminscence

During the 40+ years I spent in high school classrooms I taught Lord of the Flies at least twenty times.  For years it was one of the required texts for Freshman English.  The scene where Simon is killed on the beach and the scene where Ralph hallucinates in the face of the pig were the two parts of the book I could never quite imagine.  I was sure that students were probably having difficulty understanding those scenes as well.  That part of the text created teachable moments because their metaphoric connections were so vivid and yet so difficult to see in the mind's eye. 

This morning while surfing the internet the bioluminescent beach in the Maldives photo caught my attention. Surely this is what Golding had in mind as he wrote Simon's scene.  Probably other photos have crossed my path of this phenomenon but this morning I harken back to those halcyon days in the classroom.  I am alone in my southern hemisphere home today and needed to share with someone.  You all are that someone! Thanks for stopping in.

 And then, wouldn't you know — once on a voyage back in time other memories are jogged by the vast world of Internet images—  

Youth, especially in terms of Lord of the Flies, male youth, brings Rumi, reading, and love into focus.  

The lad below and the sweet bird, who may not be alive, reminds me of all the young men who walked through my classroom doors, the young men in the midst of their personal effort to discover how to grow into manhood. 

Rumi understood in the 12th century what perhaps we most need to remember in the difficult social now.  

And once again let me assure you that I am ever so pleased that you stopped in to take a look. Writers are like that. What we most desire is to share our thoughts with the world, without pomp and ceremony – We do just simply want a nod of recognition that our perception of the universe is shared by another thoughtful, delighted human being. :)