Thursday, April 23, 2015

Home Is Where the Heart Is

plate clouds in Australia's outback

And where is that? I once thought I knew. Not very long ago, I was sailing round the world absolutely certain about my return to a homeport.

How quickly certainty changes. Reminds me of a most important lesson - today counts because tomorrow may eventuate as an entirely different creature - unlike the present moment as dinosaurs are from humans.
The world my mind concocts is full of conspiracy. Why must I always play victim in that conspiracy? How come I can’t be the heroine just once in a while?
Default: victim!
Feeling sorry for myself is hardly a celebratory way to live life. Give it up? Choose a different tune by which to dance across the oceans.

Could it happen? Sure, to someone else! How ever would I live my life if I were the heroine?

I’d start by climbing immense mountains, not by a single bound, but step by step up cliffs with plenty of exposure, sure footed as any mountain goat. 

Mt Goolman, Queensland, Australia