Monday, April 13, 2015

Brisbane Rain — An Australian Big Wet

Here it is..a tropical downpour..can't even hear the thunder for the sound of rain on the tin roof..the noise is overpowering.  I can remember hearing it on the phone when Graham called me from Brissy when I was in Clareville.

But to experience the massive downpour, the gutter overflowing because so much rain falls from the sky, the steep roofs dispelling the moisture, the trees filtering the flow..somehow making room..absorbing the onslaught with grace that only figs and palms can  Even the mango trees slurping up the wet.
            How can I explain what is like not to be heard inside the house for the overwhelming sounds from outside.  It is a wonderment that I wanted to share with you.
            Marcia woke to snow this morning..and we here in Oz woke to cloud cover promising the end of bush fires.  The grace of the cyclic system which reigns on earth..despite all of mankind’s attempts to change and alter it, has once again given the land masses what is needed to bring nourishment to the flora and fauna which exist outside of human nature.
            The goddess Demeter sees it all and pronounces it as good!
            I just thought I would let you know.
            You are all much on my mind..and so sharing this moment with you while the rains fall less violently and the thunder echoes over in the next several valleys seems important…

Hopefully this little note finds you all well arising from a comfy sleep…

Demi In Oz..