Friday, March 06, 2015

Hurray - One Family Comes to Their Senses

The case against private education: 

         Why we put our kids in public school         

". . .But then the kids found their way. Mary, who loves to be busy, joined a million after-school clubs – robotics, running, calligraphy. Seth, in perfect alignment with his personality, has enthusiastically joined almost nothing. He likes to observe and to provide commentary from the sidelines and has found others of his kind, a happy alliance of wisecracking middle school commentators.

It turns out that our children didn’t need to be one of a handful of precious kids in a classroom. They can handle the bigger classes, the dozens of children from different backgrounds.  They can be OK and even, sometimes, great. We’ve learned that our kids aren’t so extraordinarily fragile that they need to be bubble wrapped by us before they venture into the world.

We’ve also learned that they aren’t necessarily extraordinary at all. Or, to be more precise, that if they want to be perceived as extraordinary in the public school system, they had better be extraordinary. The school will not create extraordinary for them.

We are lucky: The kids will receive a solid educational foundation in our local schools. And they can remain at that foundational level, or they can improve upon it. But it is up to them to take advantage of extra resources or to create those resources themselves. They have to be part of their own educational equation.. ."