Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Naive Realism

This tendency of ours known as 'naive realism' 
the assertion that we see the world as it actually is and our impression of it as an objective, accurate representation of 'reality'
a concept that comes from ancient philosophy and has since been amply debunked by modern science. 

Macraney writes:

The last one hundred years of research suggest that you and everyone else, still believe in a form of naive realism.  You still believe that although your inputs may not be perfect, once you get to thinking and feeling, those thoughts and feelings are reliable and predictable.  We now know that there is no way you can ever know an 'objective' reality, and we know that you can never know how much of subjective reality is a fabrication, because you never experience anything other than the output of your mind. Everything that's ever happened to you has happened inside your skull."