Sunday, February 08, 2015

Australian Lovers — International Romance — Joy Rules the Day

Flying Over Lake Eyre

His grey eyes asked:
“I’m gonna have a cuppa; want one?”
“I’m headed to Super Cheap; wanna come?”
“ –Paddo hardware, join me?”

Scenes of life in Paddington replayed:
 -extra large shirts on the ironing board
-huge hands and imaginative thumbs
-barrel chest supporting stubborn Australian wisdom
-sunglasses; never lost

Paddington flavors interrupted my airline supper:
 -simple ingredients simmered into fragrances tugging at taste buds
- Buderim ginger dropped in the palm
- spicy olives slipped into my mouth
-mango gelato before bed

Music on airline earphones echoed:
-a smile of generosity
-anger so swift one couldn't always see it rise
 so transient one couldn’t foretell its slip into humor.

Sierra Sunrise: A Travel Adventure