Sunday, February 22, 2015

Anxiety — The Call of Doom to Any Relationship

Just last night, Demi's anxiety struck again.  Deep seated, overwhelming fear of being alone, of abandonment, filled the house. Holding her cheeks, she wandered looking for what could not be found. She shrieked, "I can't stand it. I can't do this again. Oh....."

With no fuse to be removed from the box, no switch to turn off, no person to hold her until she could contain again the urgent mind-rending fear, she climbed into bed, pulled the covers close and tried to calm a raging sense of doom. 

Calmer after many minutes, she grabbed the car keys, zipped up the huge black down jacket, put on her gloves and headed for the car.  She needed to find someone, anyone to allay her sense of being totally unilaterally unequivocally alone. 

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