Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The Game of Archetypes - A Jungian Questionaire

Go ahead. Take the quiz.  Keep in mind that Jung has nothing to do with the questions or the outcomes of this little pop-quiz. 
It's fun nonetheless.

My archetype — The Rebel
Not "The Rebel Without a Cause" 
- no, nothing so 1956ish.

My rebel is the INFJ rebel, 
the woman who hangs around the sidelines until she can no longer stand still.  
Does she join the game? 
Practice with the team? 
Learn the dance or marching moves 
or the way to play according to the rules created by some one else, some one older and more experienced?

Resounding, "NO'
She depends on her own experiences, 
knows her limits,  
refuses to play according to rules many times.  
Oh, she knows the rules. 
Don't we all?  

She also knows how to break rules without being caught 
Being caught is the one part of life she fears.  
So embarrassing.  

She operates around curves, 
near the limits 
so she can easily step back inside the lines 
if danger arises.  

She's a loner, 
an Introvert - 
not a team player. 
Too hard being a team member.  
Don't you just hate it? 
She does! 

And so, who are you?  
Which archetype fits your life space?  
Check it out at the addy above. 
Enjoy yourself.  
Don't take it seriously.  
Life is a game - 
sometimes life and death 
More often will I or won't I compromise my integrity 
kind of game.  
You know what I mean..

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