Saturday, January 31, 2015

Queensland votes on Saturday - Kate Jones

2 years ago I fell in love with a man who was cool, kind, intelligent and had a social conscience. He has 6 children; all wonderful, kind and warm human beings. One of his children, his only daughter, happens to be Kate Jones. I have come to know John's kids slowly, but well. Kate is a genuine, kind, wise, wickedly funny, witty and fiercely intelligent human being. She obviously loves her husband and her two children and has an enormous heart and a labor soul that cares intensely for her community and her family and the wider common good. Genuinely. The sparkly charisma that you see on the telly is ten-fold in real-life. She is actually quite special. The kind of special that you only come across very occasionally. The kind of special that means you grab it and hold on to it. I really believe she will be such an asset to Ashgrove and I hope the public agree, tomorrow. But really, it doesn't matter either way, she will shine in anything she puts that 'Kate' heart and soul to. Best wishes for tomorrow, you wonderful woman. (Carita)