Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Loving Oneself Is Never As Easy As It Sounds


"Sierra Sunrise" is at times a difficult read, ultimately because of the utterly gripping way the author manages to inject honest, high-impact emotion into each step her characters take. You end up really caring about her main characters and get annoyed when they repeatedly refuse to read the six foot high letters on the wall. You also fall in love with her carefully crafted settings.

It's an important novel describing the process through which a retired High School teacher confronts (or dodges...) all the different ways that her past baggage has its hands all over her present life, her decisions, even her reactions to both pain and joy.

On the surface this book seems like a Romance, but it carries such resounding personal depth and understanding of a damaged soul, that it is much more than that. Fortunately, a much-needed moment of clear self-knowledge awaits.

Add a star if you read in the romance or in the fictional memoir genres regularly, or if you feel your life is controlled by an event from your childhood.

Richard Sutton, Amazon 16 January 2015
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