Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Precious Childhood Moments Create Great Holiday Gift Giving

Do you have a memory of a precious child hood possession? Certainly I do.

 Mostly those possessions were books.  Forever Amber by Kathleen Windsor was the first and only important because mother took it away and punished me for reading it.  What a marvelous heroine Amber was.  She gave me hope that someday I, too, could stand alone, could be recognized for my witty, charming, beautiful demeanor. 

The summer after seventh grade, I slept on the front veranda daybed.  In mid Michigan, the sun rose at 4:30 a.m. I reached under my little bed to pull out an adventure. For days, I read until 6:30 when the house echoed the sounds of pop’s first cup of coffee, of teeth brushing and little brothers and sisters looking for diaper changes and hugs.  

On the morning in 1953 when I was caught in flagrante delicto, I was so immersed in 17th century court life that I didn’t hear mother step out onto my screened-in veranda.  She reached for the book, turned and with a horrified tone demanded to know where I had found this piece of trash. 

Suddenly the horror was mine.  Caught! Caught doing what I most enjoyed in the entire world – reading. 

Sure mother would not have thrown out a book, I searched the house every time I was home alone for the next three weeks and finally found the book tucked into the bathroom towels on the very top shelf way in the back.  I exchanged the book jacket with one from another book of a similar size, tucked the substitute back into the closet and crept away to hide my precious childhood possession in a spot where mother would never think to look. Early morning reading was done thenceforth with one ear open. I read and re-read.  Surely there must have been something terrible I had somehow missed else why would I be kept from reading.  I never found the offending language, scenes, or philosophical moments.  It still stands as one of my favorite books of all time.  And, it’s now available for all of you who just love period romance and adventure on Amazon.