Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy Jig

"Although world events outside my control established safe havens for me from my youngest years, home has always been where ever I lay my head at night. I celebrated my first birthday as Japan threatened the west coast of America. Mother placed me in foster care shortly after. At the end of the War, I returned to my parents' home.

By the time I entered second grade I was again dislocated. Mother sent me to live with the family of her older brother. Cousins grudgingly shared their bedroom until I convinced a compassionate second grade teacher to talk with the adults in my family about how miserable I was. Can you imagine a seven year old wanting to go home so badly that she convinced an outsider to reach out to her uncle who consequently insisted that she be returned to her parents' home?

The Korean conflagration caused my family to relocate from Michigan to Arizona near my eleventh birthday. Just after the celebration of my fourteenth, the two halves of Korean agreed on a demarcation line. My family of five tumbled into our old Nash and followed U.S. Route 66 back to Chicago and from there to the eastern shores of  Lake Michigan.  Some semblance of consistency prevailed for the following four years.

Nonetheless, at age twenty, completing university, I fled to the desert communities of southern California in order to escape. Heeding the admonition Go West, Young Woman, Go West, I am about to continue another 7500 miles in that direction in search of a safe continent on which to protect my inner child, the Persephone who had yet to come to terms with early years of abandonment in the underground."
Oaxaca: Delighting the Senses