Sunday, November 23, 2014

Remembrances of Things Past

I have been missing in action.  
Thursday, 20 November, was a travel day.  From Flagstaff to Phoenix to Denver to Minot took well over eight hours. Going from 64 degrees in Phoenix to 32 in Minot is always a wake up call.  

My bags tumbled off the airport carousel at 11:15 on Thursday night. I pulled my hat down over ears, zipped my down jacket to chin and braved the North Dakota wind to load my bags aboard my sweet black and white chariot that carried me to a warm Minot Quality Inn bed.  

Sleep came after a warm greeting from my dearest partner. In the morning with no traffic on Broadway, we slipped out of town and headed the eighty miles to Frackelton in northwestern North Dakota. Home is a welcome retreat.  This entire day I have basked in a brilliant dawn soon overwhelmed with prairie cloud cover. 

Just being here feels comfy - returning to routine has its perks!

And then I discovered that today is J.F.K Day..and so I offer you his wise commentary on education: my own first love...and wish you remembrances of all that was Camelot once in our world when Kennedy reigned in Washington.