Friday, November 07, 2014

Queensland's Great Dividing Range shadows behind The Flinders Corridor Range west of Brisbane.
A great spot for trekking in the spring or autumn when temperatures are more moderate.  A well watered landscape which includes Mt. Goolman and Ivory's Rock — home to my good 'bush' dwelling friends.

On my birthday in 2011 we took a long walk through the green, across abandoned properties, dry stream beds, luxuriant eucalypt forests...

“And what did you do before you came to Australia to live with James?” I asked.
Laura poured our tea after swirling the teapot round-about a couple of times on the tiny dessert table. “I worked as a wholesale buyer for a large health food corporation based in Edinburgh.”
“I don’t believe it. I owned a health food store for thirteen years before coming to Australia. Can you believe it?” I asked.
Laura looked a bit confused. “I thought you said you were a high school English teacher?”
“Well, yes, I was. Busy women, we Americans, running away from the throes of our childhood. We are determined to keep the interior doubts at bay, you know.” I poured two teaspoons of sugar into a Lady Grey.
As our conversation continued, we learned that both of us revitalized in wilderness. Gardens were important. Animals were essential. We saw beauty in the places in which we lived; we delighted in our observation of the spiritual aspects of nature; we took sustenance from a wild flower, saw harmony in the grey green aspect of southern Queensland.
“And loneliness, Laura? Are you ever lonely?” I asked as I finished off a double white- chocolate tart.”

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