Monday, November 10, 2014

I Opened A Book

Are you one of my tribe?  Can you lose yourself in the busiest parts of life just by opening a book? Do you carry at least one book in your car, on the bus, in your purse,  backpack, or computer bag no matter where you go?

If so, you understand the process of time travel, of moving from one reality into another so quickly and simply that you cannot stop yourself.

It is this sort of a book that engages me.  I mean, it is a book whose story is engrossing to the point that I am mesmerized, transformed, carried away by that I love most.  And there is no one genre that does that for me.  I love Neuromancer, I have been lost in GoldFinch. Behind the Beautiful Forevers, a story of a Mumbai undercity, transported me. Number 9 Dream left me breathless, sometimes confused, always in the midst of a city I have never visited in real life. I couldn't put Reamde down, all 900 plus pages of that story carried me across the Pacific as Cryptomicon carried me through the ages.  Psalms and Rumi delight my imagination, capture my sense of what is right and wrong and convince me that words are often what matter most in life - for the have the power of creation.

I do hope you feel the same... for, if you do, we are of a kind!