Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Ah, yeah!  My friend Stephanie Macceca and I lesson planning back in the day.  

Every afternoon, or almost every afternoon there were those sessions where we talked through what worked and what didn't.  What disaster we had to reconsider, correct, hide, wish hadn't happened at all...
those were the days, my friend...and I really did think 
they'd never end...
and indeed they have not for Stephanie, 
who is today the world's best high school librarian.  

It is with joy that I recall our Meyers-Briggs conversations about how best to help teens learn to problem solve using every trick in the teacher's book, to convince them that intuition, logic, rational considerations worked together to create the best possible outcomes.

And on a Tuesday afternoon, I clink my champagne glass with the imaginary one she is holding miles and miles and miles away and congratulate her on success – amazing overwhelming success. 
Love you, lass!