Monday, November 17, 2014

An Indian Myna

This handsome fella speaks...and very clearly..

I am not a bird watcher.  However, I am a bird enjoyer.  I keep bird feeders outside my living room window to attract any number of fascinating sparrows and gold finches. The children of the neighborhood stop over for a cookie and a glass of milk and the use of my binoculars so  they can see really up close the beauties who stop in for a seed or seventeen.

One day as I walked out across the slough on my daily round of exercise, I noted a bald eagle perched above me in a gigantic ash tree.  I stopped to see what s/he would do.  Ah, the attention of the huge white headed bird was on the flock of Canada geese that were gathering to head southwest to the Columbia River basin from our corner of North Dakota. As they took wing, s/he followed not far behind.  Some poor slacker would be dinner that evening, I suspect.  However, Canada geese are large birds too...and one wonders.

I often winter mid-continent in Australia.  There it is the Butcher Bird, the Kookaburra, and the Fig Bird who catch my attention.

The eyes have it..Australian Fig Bird