Wednesday, November 26, 2014

An Afternoon on the Prairie

Greetings from an afternoon on the prairie. Along with at least a thousand Canada and Snow geese and one bald eagle.

Today, I am in good spirits..sun shine does that to matter the temperatures outside.  I'm looking forward to a trip to the big city in a week or so to sup in Nordacotah's only fine cuisine , The Perogue.  We will catch a couple of movies whilst in Bismarck, the state capital, only 180 miles south east of us here in Frackelton, but we'll stay in a pleasant motel and hopefully not have to drive in the snow for a couple of days.

I hope I did not make you think all was unwell here.  My angst comes and goes.  Sometimes I suffer misery at the thought of folks who have no courage, who refuse to break free from the mold that has been growing in their brains for the past 30 years, who cannot step into the 21st century no matter how hard one attempts to pry them loose from the squalor of the past.  Manley thinks me out of my mind and way too arrogant.  I just fume and rant to him because I do realize it does no good to do the same with them.  But slowly they awaken and even stay alert for a few moments before they snooze in front of the football and hockey games on television.  

I'm so damned pro-active that it often seems like I'm swimming in the proverbial maple syrup from this parallel in the northern part of the globe.  Manley is generally loved and I am generally avoided.  Those with ideas that approximate my own remain friends, but they, too, grow weary of my desire to save this town from driving me mad..:) Surely I am making it worse than it is.