Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dawn on the Prairie

 Flaxton, North Dakota - Dawn on the first day of October.  Prairie living has it's ups and downs, to be sure.  However, morning is almost always a surprise.  One never knows how the skies will appear.  Sometimes the sun, now rising in the north-east skies will stare us into wakefulness - brilliant, dazzling its way through our un-curtained east windows.

In spring the soft tones give way rather suddenly to stronger vivid colors as daybreak comes earlier. 

Regardless, it is our favorite time of day.  Stretching out from under warm flannel covers to see what mother nature has wrought, we look out over Stoney Run to greet another day of watching the planting and eventually harvesting of wheat, flax, canola, sun flowers, barley, and oats.  The land is fertile and productive.  Our job is to copy nature's example, each in her own way. 

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