Thursday, October 16, 2014

Autumn - A Thoughtful Season

The prairie house in an autumn wonderland.  Imagine me sitting just behind those cathedral windows looking out over the sunrises from the next post, jotting this note to you.  Because that is precisely where I am at the moment.

Yesterday, when I was taking the laundry off the clothes line, I turned to look back up at the house, and this is what I saw.  It seemed so perfectly lovely that I wanted to share with you my prairie home.

So often I am lonely here.  I tend to speak a different language than my neighbors in this little town five miles from the Canadian border. All of the folks in town..and I do mean all..are welcoming, positive, good neighbors.  I enjoy watching them walk their babes and dogs on a summer's evening. I love to listen to them problem solve in city council meetings.  I enjoy the dinners and celebrations they provide for other members of their community.

But, and it's a huge 'but' I find that there is a difference in the way I am motivated and engaged when I have a conversation with another reader, with another writer, with another politically motivated citizen.  As lovely as this scene, I miss those who question the status quo, who really work for the good of the entire planet, not simply for the good of their local tribe.

Autumn is a thoughtful season, isn't it?