Saturday, October 11, 2014

Antibiotic Resistant Illness

My dearest friend, the woman who has known me longer than almost anyone I know, has just recovered from an antibiotic resistant illness that came very close to taking her life.  During treatment for cancer in December of last year, an antibiotic resistant bacteria was allowed to enter her blood stream and housed itself in a nerve ganglia in her spine.  Six months later, while she was still undergoing treatment for this infection, the bacteria moved into her system to the extent that she was placed in ICU with a septic system severe enough to kill her.

My seventy-four year old lifetime buddy is a powerful woman whose core systems responded to a weeks worth of  heroic treatment in ICU during which time she was placed in an induced coma. Today, with the support of a committed medical team of doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, dieticians and other staff, she is about to leave hospital and head home.  She will live in an assisted living community for the next few months until she is recovered sufficiently to live on her own - an event that hopefully will occur sometime at the beginning of next year.

Almost an entire year of her life has been put on hold while, sometimes in the midst of mind numbing pain, she has managed with the wise ministrations of an incredible North Dakota medical system to overcome the onslaught of this deadly infection.

Doctors and other researchers tell us that one of the reasons this antibiotic resistant strain of bacteria has become so invasive has to do with the amount of antibiotics used by American food production corporations.  Factory farms use of antibiotics in chicken, turkey, beef and pork are the primary culprits.   Please take a look at the website cited below and take a moment to sign petitions urging the U.S. government to put an end to this attack on the healthfulness of the American people.