Friday, October 24, 2014

Analyze This!

Do you remember the movie?  With Billy Crystal and Robert DeNiro?  And the follow up, Analyze That?

I didn't know that DeNiro had a funny bone.  Certainly we all knew that Crystal was/is the master.

I suppose I attempt to analyze everything. I have boxes into which I put people, events, books, songs, and habits.  It seems to be a penchant of mine to understand my world and even try to understand yours by boxing up the attributes of any given circumstance and tossing it into the right (or left) box.

My kids tease by telling their friends, "Don't talk to my mom; she'll put you in a box and you'll never be allowed to climb out!"

And they may be right.

Jung's words may be important for you as well.  Consider how much time we 'worry the string' instead of just allowing it to unravel.  The outcome is probably much the same, but we need (or I need) not spend wakeful nights flouncing around the bed trying to find the comfy corner or the right plumpness of pillow to censure my brain and allow me to just go to sleep, to enjoy slumber where my wakeful brain can solve the riddles of the day and sort through the events in some way that will allow me to move on the next day.