Saturday, September 27, 2014

Voices in My Head

Don't you know that every writer ever has this issue?  Well, I know it is true for me.  The inhabitants of my mind keep me busy 24/7.  Well, almost.  I suspect that when I fall into deep sleep, they, too, may take a rest, but the remainder of my twenty-four hour day, they busily keep me informed of all the salient, nonsensical, ridiculous, harmful, helpful images of my life. 

I've been known to share out loud that I must not trust the voices after sunset.  Amazing how contradictory and creative they are in the dark.  I don't mean when the lights turn off.  I mean after the earth turns so that sunshine suffuses the skies of some other place on the planet.

Then the voices grow darker, scarier, more apt to create scenarios that, were I to follow their advice, could destroy my world as I know it or at least as I have known it.

Makes for good story creation though.  I need a tape recorder made just to copy the thoughts of my mind rather than the words from my mouth.  There is no end to the adventure available there, the conflicts non-resolved, the fears never mitigated.