Friday, September 12, 2014

Flee to Wilderness - A Mountaineering Adventure

Demi Tryon flees to the mountains to escape memories of her absent mother and abusive father in Sierra Sunrise: A Travel Adventure, an 80,000 word literary fiction. After all, death defying sport can you make you forget most anything.

After facing down a 300 pound bear salivating over her food, she’s decides there’s safety in numbers.  Scouring the Internet, she meets Sy, an Australian mountaineer who loves the back country almost as much as she does.  And god help her, she likes him, too.  Not as a safety-buddy, but for his ridiculous smile and his no-nonsense approach to the world.  Sy’s never run from anything.  Including her.

The two spar. She accepts his invitation to join him in Australia where her crisis over abandonment creates turmoil. Like the Greek goddess Demeter, her namesake, Demi needs to heal her inner child, the Persephone within, or spend the rest of her life in the dark.

Readers who enjoy midlife-coming-of-age stories that focus on descriptions of natural beauty and personal transformation such as Four Corners: A Journey into the Heart of Papua New Guinea by Kira Salak (Nov 1, 2004)   and Holly Morris’ Adventure Divas: Searching the Globe for Women Who Are Changing the World (Oct 31, 2006) will find themselves engaged in Demi’s journey.
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