Saturday, August 16, 2014

Readers and Other Travelers of the Web Who Stop In Regularly

American in Oz is very fortunate to have readers from around the globe.  Welcome and thank you for stopping in. In the past day, these are the countries from which folks have clicked into American In Oz. 

Russia             104 hits 
United States    56 hits
Netherlands      19 hits
China                 8 hits
Chile                  4 hits
France                2 hits
Poland                2 hits 

I am fortunate to have you as an audience for the posts included here. I would, however,  like  to bring to your  attention another blog associated with this one, which is located at

This second blog is devoted to marketing Sierra Sunrise: A Travel Adventure. Slowly but very surely pictures of all the locations in which various scenes from Sierra Sunrise take place are being added to that blog.  It is essentially a photo shoot of the incredibly beautiful settings of Demi's story.

I would like to invite you to stop in and take a look and to comment on what you like and would like to see more of in the comments section at the bottom of each post. 

Currently, photos are included of parts of the John Muir Trail in the eastern Sierra Nevada of California, the  real town on which Demi's Mereview  is based, the cabin in which chapter 4 takes place, Evolution Valley on the famous Sierra Crest Trail.  Each day a new location will be highlighted.  Please do stop in.  You may well enjoy the beauty of the high Sierra and eventually the photos of the other amazing travel spots that background Demi in her journeys.

Of course, it would also be wonderful if you were to take a look at the first  free 20% of Sierra Sunrise and maybe of the entire manuscript which is available for download as a Pdf. mobi or other file at Smashwords and/or Amazon kindle for $3.99