Thursday, August 21, 2014

Prairie Rainstorm

Early morning prairie thunderstorms ought to excite, ought to worry, ought to change the atmosphere in our cozy cottage, but this morning the overcast came about two hours after daylight and moved with alacrity to the east.

Instead of creating a sense of doom, the heavy skies bring a sense of comfort.  I have thought this morning about a loss of electricity.  I have disconnected my laptop from the major power source in our household.  I did make another cup of coffee in case the power is affected and our espresso machine is turned off at the source.

But, I love the rain even though I can imagine the farmers in our neighborhood, whose wheat, canola, flax, oats, and barley are almost ready for harvest probably prefer dry weather at this time of year. Tomorrow the grass will have grown another half inch if the sun shines later this afternoon.  The mowers will be ought, buzzing throughout the little city we call home to shorten the green lawns which provides a home for mosquitoes.

But for now, the Aussie bloke is humming as he researches new pipe fittings and other gear to renew the infrastructure of town. His desk top computer is attached to a major implement that will interrupt any surge in electrical service to the house.  My coffee is warm and tasty.  And my eyes grow heavy with the thought of an early morning 'second nap'.

Falling water relaxes. Rain makes me sleepy. Life is good until or unless the 'lightening' that is ever so close wakes my nervous system and keeps me alert.