Saturday, August 16, 2014

Evolution Valley

Evolution Valley — One of California's Sierra Nevada most exquisite views. In August a meandering stream flows the length of the valley, which unlike the many glacier carved valleys is broad, sweeping and mesmerizing.  The granite ridgelines on either side of the valley give way to stands of ponderosa, white fir and grass, grass grass.

After descending Muir Pass along the Pacific Crest Trail, one trundles down hill for two thousand feet to this respite from granite crags and stoney trails, steps, steps, and more steps past Muir Lake, around the ridgeline and finally one reaches the grassy meadow.

Relief to find myself surrounded by the beauty that hung like an apparition before me for hours as I descended, my body took over and sat me on the edge of this loveliness.  Tears streamed. I was home. I was safe. I had successfully made the long trek.  My body cried with joy. My mind determined to stay forever.

Here is the address of another blog that celebrates wilderness.  I am impressed.