Wilderness — A Meditation

Sunday, July 27, 2014

You Want Antibiotics? Eat American Meat

You want MRSA? 
Eat American meat. 
Overload of antibiotics delivered to American meat products on the hoof dooms us all 
to major staff infections 
that cannot be treated with current antibiotics.

So, either stop eating meat, milk, cheese, chicken, turkey unless it is labeled wild or 'organic' 
risk dying of major MERSA infections.

Am I attempting to frighten you?
I'm trying to convince you to take action 
and insist on legislation in your state and in the U.S. Congress 
to change current practice.

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Best Editors Remember to Encourage

Isn't it always the truth that having a mentor, editor, friend, comrade, co-worker, or just another human being with whom you share a failed moment, assure you that next time will see more success or that there are some excellent points in your presentation, effort, attempt at success.
Certainly, that's my experience.  Good teachers act on this kind of knowledge

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sierra Nevada, Nordacotah, and A Veggie Ladder

Here is all the news fit to print from Nordacotah.

1.  We’ve been home for three days after spending two weeks at our mountain cabin where it was warm, pleasant and way too high.  Took me the first week to acclimate to the 3000 metres in altitude.Then all was well. 

2. The Aussie did his George Washington routine and chopped down four dead trees, two of which threatened the cabin if they fell in a wind storm.  The last of the four was well over 30 metres high and required the help of two other fellows to fell. Quite the adventure as they ‘rock’ climbed the dead limbs to get high enough to top the upper third of the tree before chain sawing off the lower 2/3s.

3.  My job was to gather the limbs, strip them of extra impediments and pile them all in one spot for winter use as kindling.  Many scratches ensued, but I felt like I put in a three good days of work.

4.  Daughters came to stay with us at the cabin.  One is five months pregnant and expecting on 1 November, the day before her 39th birthday.  She is so damned healthy!  She and her hubby jogged the two and a half miles up the canyon to Lone Pine lake at 3666 metres.  They took my grandson and his mom along.  A good time was had by all.
5. It is good to be home in the cool.  Although temps reached 40 yesterday, it is only the second time this summer we have had temps that high.  Lots of rain here. The lake (slough) is full not only with water but birdlets of various kinds.

6. A friend in town watered my garden while we were gone. These photo show a creation of the Aussie bloke..a stair stepping affair.. and kind of cute.  We have tomatoes on the way, cucumber, pea, bean, and squash blossoms, cabbage leaves, lettuce ready for this afternoon’s salad and lots of flowers in bloom thanks to his good works.