Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tuesday...10 June 2014 — Nordacotah's Primary Election Day

Cool on the northern prairie this early morning; blue skies stream through our first floor. Birds chatter at the feeder outside the bay windows. My down sweater keeps me cozy as I enjoy my first cuppa while attempting to solve my first sudoku of the day. 

Usually, primary election days are not very important, but this year I've worked diligently to encourage my fellow townfolks to vote - to take the opportunity to make sure their voices are heard in our small enclave just seven miles south of the Canadian border. 

I care deeply about the outcome. But, like the rest I must wait til the sun sets before the results will be made public. Hopefully, each of you has taken the opportunity to mark your choices in the primary election in your own cities and states.  It is immensely important!