Monday, April 14, 2014

Snotty Nose

Today, even though the sun shining through my window gives my body reason to celebrate, the flu, phlegm, and snotty nose are anything but playful. However, since I do feel a tad better, I may as well begin this dissertation.

 Kings Canyon - where I wish I were (correct but sounds strange)
Hold on, the phone just rang.  So far this morning I have won four games of solitaire (Australian Patience), 4 of 8 games of snood, and lost one attempt at extreme sodoku.  Stalling is one of my strengths.

I am thinking seriously about going to Woollies in search of a new box of tissues.  I've finished three boxes in the past two days. To curtail the spread of vermin to other users in the house, I also need anti-bacterial wipes for the handset after I say 'hello' with a cheery croak.

Whew, I just had another opportunity to avoid this topic altogether.  Sy is driving his daugher to the Royal Brisbane.  I was invited to join them – a lovely thought – 'Let's get Demi out of the house – the sunshine might do her some good!' 

I declined.  After all, I am a dedicated author – besides they both would have hated me by the time we reached the hospital drop-off as I sneezed virus into the car after repeatedly smothering my lungs' plea for relief. I am beginning to take official responsibility for these nasty little invaders coursing through my bronchiales. 

I never get sick.  I mean, never!  Either my immune system is growing old and feeble – unlikely – or there are invaders here in Oz that are very different form the same fellows in the USA Urgh!  Death to virus in my sinus!!