Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dan Fagin's Pulitizer Prize for Non-Fiction 2014

"Although Boornazian had never been to Toms River, she knew the name well. By 1995, everyone who worked on the oncology ward at Children’s Hospital knew about Toms River. Many years later, she explained why. “We began to notice that we were getting a lot of kids from the Toms River area” in 1993 and 1994, Boornazian recalled. “It wasn’t just me. All of the nurses noticed it.” CHOP drew its young cancer patients from a vast geographic area of more than ten million people, and some families would travel even farther—from as far away as South America and the Middle East, if they could afford it."
Dan Fagin

* * *
Way too important for any of us to miss.  This story is not only well told; this story is a statement about what happens when oligarchy overtakes democracy, when profits are more important than community, when citizens are pawns to the bottom line of major corporations, when science comes to the rescue. A must read!