Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Ah, not so warm today here in central eastern Australia...84 F instead of 94 F.  I can breathe..tis good
Lunch and afternoon tea with Lorraine in Rosalie resonated with our sharing after ten months of being apart.  The world sings when two friends so long separated come together as though they just chatted on the phone yesterday.  I am blessed to have two such loyal, witty, and clever friends here.

We saw Robyn Davidson's Tracks in between lunch and tea. Sweeping scenery, kind and wise indigenous peoples, compassionate professional photographer, and a fine young actress to play Robyn's part in the mastery of one's lonliness and the raw power of three great beasts - the camels.

I was deeply moved by Davidson's story. I recommend the movie and am grateful for Lorraine's suggestion. Australian women, indeed, are a special breed of heroine.