Sunday, March 30, 2014

Default Position

Greetings, dear cyber visitors —

Rain falls gently this afternoon in our corner of the southern hemisphere.  The kookaburra was chortling about 4:30 this hour before dawn.  Butcherbird followed with his daybreak serenade.  Fragrances of toasted turkish slipped under my door. Twenty-something laughter filtered in from the back veranda.  Life is good.  Waking is lazy and comfy on this last Sunday in March 2014.

I am blessed with the 'good life' in the best sort of way.  This last sentence reminds me of The Great Beauty, 2014's winner of the Oscar in the foreign film category.  We cannot go home again.  No matter where we are, what we have become, we simply cannot return to what once was.  The default position is precisely where we are.

In the movie, the protagonist has moved from a simple life in which pleasure lay in the relationships he created with comrades to a more cosmopolitan existence where who one knows determines what one can accomplish on a materialistic level.

There is the suggestion that this protagonist would like to return to what once was.  The ending of the movie urges the viewer to accept the wisdom that such a move is improbable if not impossible.

I have attempted here to describe the theme and plot of the movie without giving away too much for readers who may not have seen it yet.  Yet, the theme represents a truth for me, but a truth which has manifested in a rather different manner.  My life used to be fraught with fear and distress.  My world as represented by this morning's soft daybreak  over the Pacific is calm and joyful.

I am blessed. I love the rain. The young people who inhabit my world are thoughtful, compassionate comrades. The man I love is a patient, rational, humorous being whose wisdom has helped to create this new environment.  I have no desire to return to what once was. My default is here and now.