Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wishes for a Joyous Holiday Season

I'm about to make some major changes in the appearance of this blog.  Kind of like moving the furniture around just before the New Year's Party, ya know?  The cloud wall paper has been around since back in the day.  The side row of pictures minus any adverts have not changed in a very long time.

On top of all that, I am about to self publish on Smashwords.  A Modern Myth: Where Yesterday and Tomorrow Collide has had a number of titles in its six year of existence.  You probably don't remember any of them, but it pleases me to remember them as I finally put them all away for the last time:

Watarrka Sunrise—my favorite
Sunrise at Watarrka
Antipodean Time Travel
Veteran Abecedarian
Sunrise Over the Equator
Shelter From Wilderness
Midnight Across the Equator
Immodest Exposure
Collision of Two Hemispheres
Bogs of Misunderstanding - High Terrains of Pleasure

I have a review of my manuscript, the one entitled A Modern Myth: Where Yesterday and Tomorrow Collide from a well know reviewing agency.  In order to use that review, I must keep the title under which it was written.  Decision made.

So, for those of you who stop in occasionally to visit, I'm wanting to warn you of changes in process. Wouldn't want you to trip over the new settee on the wrong side of the room.

As the New Year approaches, I'm also looking for ways to say thank you for your continued support.  It has been good to know that you stop in every now and again to check out the scene.

Here's wishes for a jolly fine Christmas and as safe and thrilling New Years celebration.