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Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Quintessential Aussie Bloke

Americans have a stereotypical picture of THE Australian male.  Most often, even if he is an Olympic swimmer whose long arms and huge hands reach the finish line ahead of everyone else in the competition, he is seen as a bit of a larrikin.  Although he is expected to play by the rules, the Aussie is known for his practical jokes and for being a savvy traveler who may well tuck his size twelves in Blundstones, R.M. Williams or thongs.  He is not Steve Irwin, Peter Brock, Rupert Murdoch, nor Paul Hogan. He is more like Rod Laver, winning without fanfare.  He gives his mates credit for all that they have contributed to whatever success he has. Although he may be a team player, more often than not he travels the globe in pairs.  He is young, courageous, a backpacker whose hair always needs a good comb; he is golden and broad shouldered, and walks with just a slight swagger.  He scrubs up well, has a flat belly, and loves his cricket.  He carries self-sufficiency and a playful mood in his swag.  He is smart, understated and witty.  He loves to take the 'piss' out of the arrogant.  The jokes of the Aussie male tell the story

Introduction to Chapter 2, Women Travel Memoirs: A Journey Within 

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