Thursday, November 28, 2013


  • Dale Capewell Cloud cover, high winds, and cold are just weather. It's late fall, soon to be winter. This isn't "climate change".

  • Christina Shamah climate change is a normal event. it is minimally impacted by people. there is so much research behind this, even my liberal psych research teacher did an hr long presentation on the fabricated hype. it's a tired topic.

  • Annielaural LeFaye your world is too small, Tina, take a look at some Pacific Islands where over 1,300,000 people are losing their homes to rising sea levels..and then share that info with your psych research teacher..

  • Christina Shamah it's got little to do with people mother. it's mostly a natural cycle. furthermore your knowledge regarding the interpretation of data and information is basically non existent. you make many judgments regarding politics, the constitution, and science based on your emotions and pop science, neither of which offer any validity in terms of the external world. but i love you. happy thanksgiving.

  • Dale Capewell It's the mighty hand of God.

  • Sarah Shamah Oh how I'm going to miss all this jovial banter this thanksgiving!

  • Dale Capewell But you get the cloud cover, wind, cold, and snow Sarah. Brrr.

  • Christina Shamah you may enjoy taking a class that will teach you how to be critical in the interpretation of information...but step one is to leave feelings out of it. once you become emotional you become bias, loosing your ability to critique anything that has implications research wise. I must say statistics has been one of the most enlightening educational experiences, providing me with another way to view reality.

  • Dale Capewell You're going to be so much fun with a PhD Tina.

  • Annielaural LeFaye Ah, the religion of statistics..and science..explaining why homeopathics don't work...uh huh..