Sunday, November 17, 2013

Seed Savers - Heritage Food

I live on the prairie these days.  Seeds are what life is all about here.  Monsanto rules. 
But not in my tiny corner of the vastness. Here on the farmstead of a dear friend there is a garden, a garden to which I have contributed much.  
Well, not much weed pulling, but lots of planting and harvesting - from among the weeds.
And the plantings have included almost entirely Heritage Seeds.
That means these seeds can and do reproduce.  No killer genes among the lot.
And that makes me feel superior.  
Oh well, you may as deal with it.  My family has to on a regular basis.
And my family also enjoys the flavor of 
crisp zucchini, seeded cucumbers, tiny deep green broccoli
 spears, heritage red tomatoes, peas, peas, peas, and lovely beans.
Year after year after year.
Won't you join us?
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