Sunday, November 10, 2013

Oh Darn! I'm Co-Dependent.......

Please keep in mind that I own far more books than I ought.  And, I have 90 doses of Boiron Oscilliccoconum on the pantry shelf. My bathroom cupboard is overflowing with toilet paper rolls. I still own enough clothes to cover a family of six for ten years stored away in boxes that haven't been opened in five years.  I believe that legally anything unused for five years is defined as least in North Dakota. 

I'm an American.  My chief responsibility is to support market capitalism.  I do my best!

Which suggests that I'm also co-dependent with those rich nicks who store money away in every nook and cranny of the globe where the IRS can't find it. Damn, time for me to follow the directions of my shrink and stop this nonsense.  I may as well do my New Year's Resolution today.  No more buying from those who already have too much.