Friday, November 15, 2013

In Love - Boundary Country

Is there something here that I enjoy?  Yes, of course; the sunrise is stunning most mornings.  As the golden orb sneaks from beneath the eastern cloud bank lightening the sky with oranges, pinks, and all shades in between, the fir trees turn green with the light. The shadow on their branches give way to brilliant greens alive in the morning breeze. 

One knows when daylight arrives not only because of the color of the skies but because the limbs of fir trees begin to dance to the rhythm of the westerly breezes arriving with the sun.  Some days it is a sweet minuet and other times a more raucous square dance in which one hopes the tall slender trunks will hold to the soil beneath them.

Morning is not the only joy.  Late afternoon often brings a stunning view of high-lighted golden wheat fields. The shimmer meets the late blue of the cloud-riven skies in the east. 

Darkness descends slowly at this time of year.  One has an opportunity to meditate on light throughout the afternoons on the autumnal prairie.  Sometimes the scene is a giant jig-saw puzzle with light and various shades of darkness playing hide and seek across harvested fields, through fir trees, around the slough. 

Light creates magic on this cold, sometimes mysterious and 
sometimes incredible, never flat, always changing pattern of landforms known as central North America.